Gold Digger

Each couture piece is made entirely from recycled materials. Inspired to tackle today’s throw-away mentality, I take an eco-friendly approach to fashion, resulting in unconventional and eye-catching wearable art.


Mother Jay Cloth
Strong IslandMayhem Magazine
Tony Wood
Mother PlasticDoodle Dress 2
Brighton Fashion Week
Candy Dress Loo Roll LoveCandy Dress
Strong Island 3Dreamteam
Suzuki Strike
DHB Candy
Suzuki Samari SideFresh FridayVeolia Life Stream
Electric HairIce Queen
Mother Plastic
Suzuki SamariFedrigoni PairLust
Dream Team
Talking DirtyGluttony
Four Femme Fatal
GreedKitchen Roll CatwalkVeolia
Triple Fedrigoni
Electric HairEnvy
Brighton Fashion Week 2
Paper PrimaCereal KillerGaffa Tape Tulip