Dream Team

Headed up by creative powerhouse Daisy Harris-Burland-me, THATS ME, K?. Meet the people behind the scenes that keep the world of intricate impressionism and revolutionary designs afloat. Or you may just see the pretty colours and think ‘what a bunch of knobs’.


Dont trust your kids with me. Do trust your need for more.


The fire was lit when Daisy was 16 and didn’t want to fork out a ton of cash on a prom dress. With purse strings are tighter than the virgin Mary, she rummaged around in the kitchen cupboard and found a couple of bin bags and old magazines, created a dress and wore it to the prom. Then the rest was history.

She studied Fashion at Manchester School of Art but only lasted two years before dropping out to pursue her passion. “I wanted to push the structural qualities of different materials to the limits. Not design for Topshop. Like Bitch, Please. I'm not talking trashion in the sense of I love the planet lets trail tin cans off the back of a bin bag dress I'm talking ridiculously intricate, stunning, wearable pieces of art… that happen to be made out of recyclable materials”

Paint Perv

Daisy HB



Marketing Manager.

The marketing and commercial brain behind this fanciful bunch of creatives. Kealey was drawn to working with Daisy by her can do attitude and the fact that anything goes. She often refuses to believe she exists as an individual, instead holding faith in a team like mentality, somewhat reminiscent of a young Karl Marx. Armed with the attention span of a gnat, believing however to hold the memory of an Elephant. Kealey drives the client side of the business, for a couple of seconds at least until something more interesting appears that she can gaze at. 

Digital Communications

Alex Heath, jetsetter extraordinaire and the one to crack the whip to get Daisy and Kealey in gear. Her main job role (other than making sure everything gets done on time) is Social media development, which she runs like clockwork. A supposed Charlotte Church lookalike and the same singing ability of the cat that curiosity so famously killed. Alex fell in love with the individuality of working here a soon as she laid eyes upon Daisy, lack of context I know but one look was all it took. Alex studied Media and Cultural studies at University, giving her an edge in all things shiny and digital. From that she has driven a number of digital campaigns to success. 

Alex Heath